Social Assistance
Social benefits

There are three types of social benefits: one-off, monthly and targeted. All types of social benefits are provided after submitting an application to the Social Assistance Directorate at their permanent or current address.


  1. Issuance of an identity card: persons with refugee or humanitarian status are eligible to apply for this type of support.
  2. Meeting incidental health, educational, utility and other needs: the provision of this type of support is after an interview and depends on the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances. The support is provided only once a year and its maximum amount is BGN 375.
  3. Monthly allowances: monthly allowances are determined on the basis of income, number of household members, ownership and type of housing, health status, marital status, age, savings, etc. Depending on the individual case, the allowances are calculated as a percentage of the guaranteed minimum income in the country
  4. Targeted social assistance: targeted aid is granted to cover heating costs. Support is given for five months (from early November to mid-March).

Social benefits are provided by the Social Assistance Directorate at their permanent or current address. A set of documents are submitted upon application depending on the individual case and the necessary support.


  • ID card;
  • Documents proving the income of the applicant and other household members;
  • Medical protocol or expertise in cases of serious illness or disability;
  • Other types of documents such as birth certificate or marriage certificate


After submitting the documents, an interview is conducted between the applicant for assistance and a social worker at the home at the permanent or current address. The employee prepares a social report with recommendations on the type and amount of benefits. On the basis of this report, the Director of the Social Assistance Directorate issues a decision approving or refusing to provide social benefits. A negative decision may be appealed. In case of a positive decision, the aid is provided by bank transfer.

Social interviews are conducted in Bulgarian, so if necessary, find an interpreter or other person who speaks Bulgarian to help you.

If you have registered with the Employment Office within 3 months of receiving the status, you are entitled to apply for social benefits at any time if necessary. If you have missed this deadline, you can apply for social benefits 6 months after your registration at the Employment Office.

Family Help for Kids

Persons with refugee or humanitarian status have difficulties in obtaining family allowances for children. This support includes one-off help with pregnancy and childbirth and monthly allowances. You can apply to the Social Assistance Directorate.

Social Services

The types of social services are defined according to the main groups of activities, and the content of each of them is defined in the law. There are ten main types of social services:


  • information and consultation;
  • advocacy and mediation;
  • community work;
  • therapy and rehabilitation;
  • skills training;
  • support for the acquisition of work skills;
  • day care;
  • residential care;
  • providing shelter;
  • assistant support.


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