Registration of a child born in Bulgaria
Registration of a child born in Bulgaria

The birth of the child will be entered in the register of the hospital where it was born. Within 5 days (not counting the day of the birth itself), the hospital has a legal obligation to send a notification of the birth to the civil status office in the municipality where the child was born. Birth announcements can only be made by: the head of the hospital where the birth took place; competent medical personnel when the birth did not take place in a medical facility (eg your child’s pediatrician); civil status official (may be the mayor of the town where you live) when there are no competent medical staff in the town/village where you gave birth. To register the birth, you must choose a name for your child. The name of a child who is not a Bulgarian citizen and was born on the territory of Bulgaria is recorded as stated by the parents. If the child’s parents are married, the husband will be listed as the child’s father. If the parents were divorced less than 300 days ago, the ex-husband will be listed as the child’s father. To prove how many days have passed since the divorce, it is necessary to present an official divorce decree. If the parents are not married, the biological father can recognize the child before civil status officials. The father can recognize the child: In person with an application submitted to the civil status officer. With a declaration with a notarized signature by a notary public. The declaration must be submitted to the Civil Status Officer. The declaration can also be submitted through the manager of the medical facility where the child was born. Valid IDs of both parents are also required

Issuing a Birth Certificate

Within 7 days of the child’s birth (not counting the day of birth itself), the civil status officer has the legal obligation to issue a birth certificate. To obtain this certificate, both parents must go to the relevant Civil Registry Department (CRI) in the municipality where the baby was born and submit an application for its issuance. This service is free and you do not need to pay a fee. Necessary documents for issuing a birth certificate: Application form. This form will be provided to you at the civil registration counter. Valid identity documents of both parents (unless you are a single parent); If applicable, an application for recognition by the father or a declaration with a notarized signature by a notary public The child is registered with the nationality of the mother or father based on the identity documents presented. If one of the parents is a Bulgarian citizen, the child will also be registered as a Bulgarian citizen.

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