Prevention of human trafficking


People fleeing areas of military conflict seeking protection in other countries are extremely vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation.


Human trafficking is a serious crime against the person, associated with a serious violation of human rights and abuse of human dignity.


Human trafficking always involves the exploitation of victims in various forms:

  • sexual exploitation, including forced prostitution;
  • forced/forced labour;
  • slavery, forced servitude and similar practices;
  • organ harvesting;
  • begging and other forced criminal activities.


In Bulgaria, the use of services provided by victims of trafficking is a crime.


What to watch out for:

  • Do not give your identity documents to anyone except the authorities.
  • Do not reveal how much cash you have or give your personal belongings, especially your mobile phone, to others.
  • Always inform your loved ones of your whereabouts and keep in touch with them if possible.
  • Be careful when arranging transport and accommodation.
  • When you are offered a job, study the offer and, in case of doubt, contact the authorities.


In case of a risky situation, seek help and call the following phone numbers:

  • Single European emergency number: 112
  • National Commission for Combating Human Trafficking: + 359 2 807 80 50
  • National Hotline to Combat Human Trafficking (A21 Campaign Foundation): 0800 20 100
  • Hotline (Executive Agency “Main Labor Inspectorate”): 0700 17 670
  • National telephone line for children (State Agency for Child Protection): 116 111
  • Hotline for victims of violence (Animus Association Foundation): 080018676; (+35929817686)
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