Finding a job

  • Most employers insist that their employees have at least basic knowledge of the Bulgarian language.
  • Companies demonstrate flexibility in terms of requirements for educational diplomas and certificates that prove previous professional qualifications. Often, instead of requiring such documents, employers test candidates’ skills through tests and assignment of specific tasks.
  • Many employers provide training in the first weeks after signing a contract, and some even organize Bulgarian language courses.
  • A key requirement on the part of companies to their employees is accuracy, serious attitude and motivation to develop new skills.

Registration at the Labour Bureau


When you receive your ID card and want to find a job, you can register as an unemployed person with the Labour Bureau at your permanent or current address. This registration is free and not mandatory, but it is a prerequisite if you want to apply for monthly social benefits.

Registration is done in person. Look for a person who speaks Bulgarian well to help you submit an application and discuss your educational and professional experience with the employee at the Labour Bureau. Take with you all the educational and professional certificates you have translated into Bulgarian.

After registration, you will be prepared an individual action plan for finding employment and you will be able to receive job offers. They will come from companies that have registered their vacancies with the Labour Bureau. In addition, you have the right to be enrolled in free vocational training programs.


During the period during which you are registered with the Labour Bureau, it is necessary to visit it according to a schedule (on the date specified in your registration card) according to your individual action plan. If you are offered a suitable job according to the Labour Bureau, you must be prepared to start within 14 days of the proposal. Otherwise, your registration will be terminated. You can renew it in 6 months.

Registration with the Еmployment Bureau as an unemployed person does not automatically guarantee entitlement to  unemployment benefit. Unemployment benefit are only entitled to receive persons who have been registered as unemployed for at least 9 months prior to the application for unemployment benefit during that time should not have refused a job offered to them by an Employment Office or by the offer to enter vocational qualifications or retraining courses.


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