Vaccines and immunization

In Bulgaria, vaccines against 11 acute communicable diseases with importance for personal and public health are administered. These are tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, hepatitis type B, hemophilus influenzae type B, pneumococci, measles, epidemic mumps and rubella.


Immunizations against these diseases are mandatory for all children in the country, and vaccinations are carried out according to the National Immunization Schedule.


Compulsory immunizations in the Republic of Bulgaria are similar to immunizations applied in the Republic of Ukraine.


However, there are several major differences:


  1. In Ukraine, no immunization against pneumococci is applied;
  2. In Ukraine, live and killed polio vaccine is administered, and in Bulgaria – only killed polio vaccine;
  3. In Ukraine, fewer pertussis vaccine intakes are administered;
  4. In Ukraine, fewer receptions of tetanus and diphtheria vaccine are administered;
  5. In Ukraine, fewer receptions of a vaccine against hemophilus influenzae are administered.


These differences, as well as the fact that in recent years the achieved immunization coverage against the listed diseases in both countries is below the required level of 95% to ensure that epidemic outbreaks and epidemics of vaccine-preventable communicable diseases do not occur, necessitates the need for all children with missing data or with incomplete immunization status to be vaccinated.


For this purpose, a doctor from the regional health inspectorate, on the territory of the region where you and your child will reside or the general practitioner you will choose for your child will prepare an individual immunization plan for the necessary immunizations by type of vaccine and number of admissions. To do this, you need to bring all available medical documents certifying the vaccines given to your child.


Every child from Ukraine who has received temporary protection in the Republic of Bulgaria, certified by the received Personal Number of a foreigner, has the right to immunization.


Immunizations are also necessary for your child’s visit to a nursery, kindergarten or school, without which this is impossible.


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