Health Insurance

Health insurance must be paid by those with temporary protection themselves. The exception is children under 18 and adults over 63 for women and over 65 for men.


The amount of compulsory health insurance contributions for persons who are not registered as self-insured is BGN 28.40 per month.

The time limit for payment of these contributions shall be by the 25th day of the month following the month to which they relate. If the payment is made late, interest is charged on the unpaid debts.


All those for whom an obligation arises to pay their own health insurance contributions shall submit to the NRA a declaration form 7. It shall be submitted to the office of the revenue agency at their permanent address  or electronically with a personal identification code  of the NRA or an electronic signature, through the Portal for electronic services, by the 25th day of the month following the month for which the obligation to pay the health insurance contributions arose.


The health insurance rights of citizens, who are insured at their own expense, shall be interrupted if no more than three monthly installments due have been paid. The interrupted health insurance rights of citizens are refunded provided that they pay all due health insurance contributions. The rights are restored from the date of payment of all due health insurance contributions for this period.


Citizens can check their health insurance status, as well as check the periods for which they lack health insurance contributions through the NRA’s electronic service, which is freely accessible.:


You can also check the health status on 0700 18 700 (at a price according to the tariff of the respective operator). The service is automatic and requires only entering PIN / PNF via the phone keypad. In addition, the system also gives data for all months and years for which the compulsory health insurance contributions have not been paid. The health status report by phone works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


For unpaid debts for more than one month, you should check the exact amount you need to pay to repay all obligations, as interest is charged. The amount you owe can be checked at the following address:


Ways to Get Health Insurance:

  1. In the NRA service lounges without fees with debit and credit cards through the installed POS terminals
  2. By bank transfer. The social security contributions under the Health Insurance Act shall be paid to the bank account for health insurance contributions of the competent TD of the NRA.
  3. By postal order.
  4. Through the NRA electronic service for payment of taxes, social security contributions and public liabilities over the Internet.


If the due health insurance contributions have been paid, but it is not yet reflected in the system, you can ask the NRA office at your permanent address to be issued a certificate that you have continuous health insurance rights, which will serve before the health authorities. In order to be issued this document, you must present the deposit notes to prove your health insurance contributions. This certificate allows you to use free medical care for the relevant period.


Where the obligation to pay the social security contributions lies with the employer or another person, the non-payment of social security contributions shall not deprive the insured person of health insurance rights.


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