Medical services
Registration with a general practitioner

A person who pays his health insurance has the right to choose his own personal general practitioner. This is the doctor who monitors the overall state of health, conducts check-ups, places mandatory vaccines, treats minor illnesses (such as influenza), provides the necessary health documentation, maintains a digital profile of patients with the history of their diseases and issues referrals to specialists if necessary.


If you are choosing a GP for the first time, you can do so at any time of the year by visiting the office of your chosen doctor and submitting an application to the Regional Health Insurance Fund. You can fill in the application on the spot or on the Internet, on the  website of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).


The choice of GP for children under 18 is made by parents or guardians.

Upon initial selection of a GP, you should be issued a Health Insurance Card. It certifies your registration with a GP and dentist. The health insurance card is issued by the regional Health Insurance Fund.


If you have already been enrolled with a GP during the procedure for granting international protection, after receiving a status you can keep the same doctor or choose a new one. If you decide to change the doctor, you need to fill in and submit an application to the GP of your choice in the periods 1-30 June or 1-31 December.


Registration with a GP can also be made electronically through a special platform of the NHIF through a unique access code received from the National Revenue Agency and a qualified electronic signature. The platform is available here.


Usually, patients choose a doctor near the address where they live.


Specialized doctors and hospitalization

In case you need the services of a specialized doctor, it is necessary to visit your GP first, who will issue you a referral to a specialist of your choice. In this case, the examination with a specialist will cost you a minimum amount (as much as a visit to a GP). If you choose to go directly to a specialist without referral, you will have to pay between 30 and 70 leva, depending on the type of medical service. To pay the reduced amount, it is necessary that the specialist to whom you go with a referral works with the NHIF.





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