Renting a house/apartment

There are several options for finding an apartment/house for rent: through specialized sites on the Internet, through real estate agencies, with the help of the non-governmental sector or through friends, employers or other acquaintances of yours.

Websites with housing ads

Bulgarians often use specialized websites to publish and search for apartments for rent throughout the country. Usually, the listings contain information about the location of the apartment, the area, the number of rooms, photos of the property, monthly rent and contact details of the owner. As a rule, after contacting him, a visit is organized to view the dwelling itself.

Agencies for nejivimi properties

Real estate agencies can assist you in finding an apartment that meets your requirements and needs. Usually, a representative of the agency accompanies you when viewing properties that the agency itself has found for you. Since some of the agencies offer paid viewings, ask in advance about the conditions of the inspection. The agency will charge you a commission for the service only if a rental agreement is concluded. The commission is usually equal to half of the monthly rent, but this practice can vary greatly among different agencies.

How to find a suitable home for rent: steps and tips


  • Set your priorities

The first step in finding a suitable rental is to determine what your basic requirements are. Consider factors such as location, proximity to public establishments, transport links, number of rooms and more.


  • Set a realistic budget

Determine the maximum budget you are willing to allocate for rent. It is important to include in the budget additional costs such as fees for entrance, water, electricity, internet, etc. Take a look at the market to get to know the prices of homes in the preferred areas.


  • Meet different areas

The variety of areas can offer different advantages and disadvantages. For example, centrally located areas are convenient for proximity to the city center, but can be noisier and more expensive. The suburbs, in turn, offer more peace of mind, but there may be more limited public transport.


  • Look for rental offers from different sources

За да намерите подходящо жилище под наем, трябва да използвате различни източници. Интернет платформи, специализирани сайтове за недвижими имоти, агенции за недвижими имоти и обявления в местните медии са някои от начините да научите за свободните оферти.


  • Make a visit

Once you’ve found a few potential options, arrange a visit. Carefully examine the condition of the home, check that everything is working properly and that there are no visible defects. Don’t be afraid to ask the host questions.


  • Prepare the documentation

If you have decided on a specific apartment, prepare the necessary rental documents.


  • Sign a contract for hiring

Once you are approved by the landlord, sign a lease. Be sure to read the contract carefully and make sure you are familiar with all the conditions.


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